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nice that fate brought you to my website!
I’m “Der Blecherne Alex”, I was born and raised in Hessen. In 1996 my fate led me to the Allgäu. In the Allgäu the people are very grounded and the craft and tradition are still alive!

I, too, have been grounded here and feel accepted. The Allgäu is very honest and more open, as you always hear! Whether you buy a knife or a piece of jewelry from me, or forge something yourself in a course. You will experience honest, spiritual craftsmanship, 100% handcrafted! Because love, heart and passion are my drive!



Everyone knows it: the typical cheap knife from the discounter, which feels dull after snipping it 3 times. I have unique and completely handcrafted unique items!

  • Self-forged , hardened and tempered
  • Hand made handles and treated with natural materials
  • Unique Haptics, great patterns and colors
  • Only the blade is highly polished and razor sharp
Buy self-forged kitchen knives outdoor knives
course participants with self-forged knives

Courses in cutlery


A unique experience – finish your first, self-forged knife with me and learn the basics of blacksmithing. Of course, we also sew a matching leather sheath.

  • kitchenknife or Outdoor knife according to your imagination
  • Special, historical and regional materials
  • One day and two day courses with up to 4 people
  • Free meals over the entire course time
  • I offer courses in german and english language!

Are you up for it? Then take a look at all of my courses and find the cutlery course that suits you!

blecherer alex corona

Important information regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic

Hello friends,

The current corona pandemic is forcing some companies and you as a private person to apply many restrictions.

For example, mouth and nose protection and a comprehensive hygiene concept are currently only allowed a maximum of one household give a blacksmithing course. That of course limits us greatly.

Book a blacksmithing course with me is still a great idea – and I’ll tell you why:

  • No course expires due to Corona, it will only be postponed!
  • This only applies to courses that are in a lockdown, all others take place!
  • Please take into account that it may take time from booking the course to the appointment and that there are still other participants
  • A blacksmithing course is a great idea for a Christmas present

So – I’m looking forward to you and we stick together – despite Corona!

custom knife forged custom-made



  • Have a knife made for you like you always have he dreams have
  • Choose from countless materials for the Handle (Wood, bone or rare fossil material)
  • Choose yours blade (Carbon steel or armor steel)
  • You get a free leather sheath and, if you wish, your initials engraved in the knife

Do you want a knife according to your ideas? You configure your own knife and order it. I will then contact you personally and we will work out the design and the materials to be used together.



  • I repair and polish Your knives, axes, hatchets, handles or handle scales or leather sheaths
  • I restore old, damaged or worn blades or leather sheaths
  • I try that Original condition as far as possible to restore
  • I also restore your old sabers, knives and bayonets as well as archaeological finds – this requires very rare material

    restoration of bayonet design

    Give away something unique – vouchers from the Blechernen Alex

    Do you want to please a good friend or family member, but you don’t know exactly what they like best? No problem – just give one away gift voucher for my shop and the recipient can choose what they want – whether knife , Jewellery or Blacksmithing course . You don’t just buy an unimaginative voucher from me, but a voucher for an unforgettable experience or a handmade one-off.
    tinny alex grinds knives on a grinder

    I put the finishing touches to your knifes

    • I’ll get your knives, axes and tools really sharp again quickly .
    • As a blacksmith, I know exactly what is important and I grind to different grits
    • Then the knife is thorough groomed

    I buy your wood, steel, bones …

    • I buy (rare) objects or material
    • Purchase of all kinds of good woods
    • (Historic) steels
    • (Ice Age) bones and throwing poles
    • Odd, rare, attic finds
      buy material alex

      Knife forging course

      Escape everyday life and do something useful! Something for eternity that you made yourself with my help. You definitely go with a completely finished one knife home!!! From the blade to the handle to the hand-sewn leather sheath, 100% handcrafted!

      Blacksmith course (1 or 2 days)

      With materials that were treated with honor and not carelessly obtained from somewhere. As a gift or simply for yourself! With my help you forge your own unique, artistic knife. You go home with a complete, ready-to-use knife! read on

      That's why only with Blecherner Alex

      Because I only work for a maximum of 2 people in the day course and a maximum of 3 people in the 2-day course, I have the necessary time for each individual. This is very important to me. My courses are very small and very personal! read on

      Cost, payment, overnight stay

      You go home in the evening with a completely finished knife with a leather sheath! And you made everything yourself with my help!
      With a maximum of 2 people in the day course, I have plenty of time for everyone!

      read on

      Unique knife items

      A knife is a tool that should always be used for the purpose for which it was made! This is the only way to guarantee that you will enjoy it. Not all steel is suitable for everything. All knives you buy from me are very solid in their design and especially in the choice of materials. Unique items each for itself.

      Your dream knife | custom made

      Do you have a particular knife in your head? I will make your dream knife for you – completely individual and with materials of your choice!

      Now to your dream knife

      Knife info and guarantee

      A knife is a tool that should always be used for the purpose for which it was made. This is the only way to guarantee that you will enjoy it. Not all steel is suitable for everything.
      A hunter should use a knife that is not quite as hard, but flexible.
      A cook, on the other hand, should use steel that is very hard and sharp. Only with the cleaver he should go for something flexible.

      Read on

      All knives in stock

      Take a look at what great knives are in stock. If you don’t feel like attending a course yet, you can also buy a forged knife from me.

      read on

      Sharpening service for your knives

      Of course you can also send me your knives for sharpening or bring them to me personally. I guarantee, while you are waiting for a coffee with me, that your knives will be expertly sharpened.

      read on

      Knife restoration & repair

      I am happy to repair or restore your old treasures. Just contact me! Read on

      The way to the knife

      Take a look at how a knife is made. From the raw material to the finished knife. Take a look at the individual steps.

      Read on

      Unique jewelry

      Here you can find handmade jewelry pieces made of iron, stainless steel, copper and wrought bronze.
      Also in connection with bones, horn, nuts, wood and much more.
      Or you forges with my help your own unique piece!

      Jewelry with fine woods

      • cherry
      • Apple
      • pear
      • Service tree
      • elm
      • beech
      • Bog oak
      • and much more.

      read on

      Jewelry with bones

      Bones of

      • Badger
      • Beef
      • pig
      • deer
      • deer
      • Chamois
      • camel
      • etc.

      read on

      Jewelry from the sea

      • Scissors from cancer
      • petrified sea urchins
      • Shellfish

      read on

      Metal jewelry

      Jewelry off

      • stainless steel
      • iron
      • Wrought bronze
      • copper
      • Leopard 1 cannon barrel
      • Shrapnel

      read on

      Get a more detailed picture of my work here

      Have a look on social media

      Here I not only report on my courses, but also offer my latest knives and jewelry for sale.

      They have all been with me and came home with their own knife or piece of jewelry!

      whatsapp blecherner alex

      Do you have any questions about my courses or products?

      Then ask me quickly via WhatsApp! Just click on the number and off you go.


      +49 (0) 162 9855 002


      griass di allgaeu

      Article in the magazine “Griaß di ‘Allgäu” Winter 2020/21

      Madness! The “Griaß die Allgäu”, a magazine of the Allgäuer Zeitung, visited me in Aitrang and accompanied me for one day while I was forging.

      This resulted in a great report and incredibly good pictures. Take a look at the new winter 2020/21 edition!

      Customer opinions

      Today was a great day for me, I am very satisfied with my hatchet that I could make with your help. I’ll be back soon, I only wish you the best. Thank you for everything Great knife course … Thank you, thank you, thank you . ”


      “Hello Alex,

      I would also like to thank you for an all-round great day!
      I felt really good with you guys. That was forge with the all-round carefree package! We booked blacksmiths and got so much more. A big THANK YOU to your wife too. We felt like part of the family, and someone has to imitate you first!

      Best regards


      I hadn’t even dealt with the “Tin Alex” beforehand,
      since my buddy had arranged everything with you. I only looked at a photo to see whether the sympathy was right. Now I’ve looked at your site and I’m really amazed at what you’ve done!

      RESPECT! “

      Ronny Hauswirth

      Hello Alex
      So the promised comment will follow soon. Since we had a double course with you, I only speak for myself. As the second half of him will follow.
      I’m completely satisfied, couldn’t have been better. The course, the food and the family atmosphere were just great. We will definitely recommend you.
      So thanks for the great day.
      Greetings daniel . ”

      Daniel Meßlang

      We were able to visit Alex a few days ago and were more than impressed by his unique craftsmanship.
      We are extremely satisfied with the very high quality custom-made products of both knives.
      See you soon and greetings from the Donau Ries. Karina & Alex. ”

      Alexander Esswein

      I had a knife made by Alex according to my wishes, I have to say it turned out exactly as I imagined, a really nice piece in real craftsmanship with a self-sewn leather sheath and specially made pitch thread. The service and the processing was over the phone and very uncomplicated simply a great all-round service.
      So if you like something special, then Alex is the right place for you!
      Oh yes, the knife is perfectly sharpened and therefore very, very sharp.
      LG Daniel from the Palatinate


      I have bought two forged bronze knives for processing medicinal herbs and am delighted with the good workmanship, the wonderful service and the fulfillment of special requests. Thanks*