Knife forging course

Forging 1-day courses or 2-day courses in knife forging

We do that together on the knifemaking course

Our common goal on your first knife forging course

  • You do with me your first, self-forged knife
  • You learn that Basics of blacksmithing
  • We’ll sew a proper one together Leather sheath for your knife
  • You get one Experience of a special kind which is nowhere to be found
  • And don’t forget: it is a lot of fun !!
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Important information regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic

Hello friends,

The current corona pandemic is forcing some companies and you as a private person to apply many restrictions.

For example, mouth and nose protection and a comprehensive hygiene concept are currently only allowed a maximum of one household give a blacksmithing course. That of course limits us greatly.

Book a blacksmithing course with me is still a great idea – and I’ll tell you why:

  • No course expires due to Corona, it will only be postponed!
  • This only applies to courses that are in a lockdown, all others take place!
  • Please take into account that it may take time from booking the course to the appointment and that there are still other participants
  • A blacksmithing course is a great idea for a christmas present

So – I’m looking forward to you and we stick together – despite Corona!

You will experience this at my course in knife forging

Welcome to the well most authentic blacksmithing course in Germany! In the deepest part of the Allgäu you will set off with me in an almost spiritual way to your own unique exhibition.


The focus for me is on the interplay of the most diverse natural materials, which are treated with honor.
What I can’t create myself with my own hands doesn’t exist with me either! No decorative rivets, fittings, etc. from the Far East! Everything made in the Allgäu! Whoever wants to come to me has to know that, my biggest drive is to sharpen my senses for nature and everything that surrounds us.

It starts with the Material selection – here you have the choice between countless valuable, historical materials like wood, bone or even armor steel. In my workshop we forge with a lot of fire and heat on the anvil. Your personal masterpiece. Don’t worry – the knife forges itself according to your ideas. Many can do that different types of knives such as kitchen knives or hunting knives.

My wife cares with one hearty lunch, as well as coffee and cake for strength and endurance in forging.

When you have finished your blade in my cutlery course, we will sew one together rustic leather sheath for your knife. It’s quick and easy – we promise!

EEscape everyday life and do something useful! Something for eternity that you made yourself with my help. See you at the anvil!

Choose your historical material


Choose from different animal bones, such as mammoth, bison or red deer antlers


For your grip you have the choice between exclusive wood such as olive, eccentric hat, bog rich, plum and much more.

Armor and weapon steels

Choose from a variety of real armor steel or steel from historical weapons. This steel is very rare and special.


Shiny, smooth, industrially manufactured. With this steel we forge a flawless blade.

Forge YOUR knife

In my course you can choose between many materials, each with its own story. You can choose the material of your choice for both the blade and the knife handle.

What makes the blacksmithing course so special in Alex’s tin learning?

Unique, insanely personal experience

For one day you work and live with me and my family. I do not accept more than 4 people at the same time in my courses – so that I can get involved with you individually.

Take a trip back in time

With me you will not only learn the art of knife forging – I will show you countless (pre-) historical materials up to 30,000 years old that you can even use for your knives.


You go home with a finished knife

After a day full of experiences in and around my workshop, you take your finished knife and your self-sewn leather sheath home.

Here I explain what to expect in the course

This is what it looks like when you forge with me

That costs all the fun

These materials are available to you at my cutlery seminar
(Surcharge depending on the material)

Depending on whether you forge an outdoor knife or a kitchen knife, the following types of steel are available:

Steel choice for outdoor knives:

Carbon steel, old tools, hoof rasps, leaf springs, gun barrels from WWII, shrapnel from both world wars and much more.

kitchenknife :

high quality carbon steels.

There are some valuable and rare handle materials available for your self-forged knives.

Knife handles made of wood:

Robinia, oak, plum, bog oak, service tree, Pfaffenhut, olive, walnut and much more.

Knife handle made of bone from:

Red deer, chamois, goat, camel, red deer antlers

Knife handles made of ice age bones stabilized by me from:

Mammoth, giant deer, noble deer, bison, horse and mammoth ivory.
This material is around 30,000 years old!

In my course we sew together a cut-resistant leather sheath for your self-made blade.

You can choose from the following types of leather:

Buffalo leather, cow leather and sturgeon leather

[! ] Important information about my blacksmithing courses

  • This is not an event or a fun event for adrenaline addicts but a very serious blacksmithing course in the appropriate framework! I AM A VERY SERIOUS MAN WITH CORNERS AND EDGES, I WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH THE DAY TO THE BEST OF YOUR OWN KNIFE !!! I have no finished blanks – everything is self-forged
  • For your own safety you need safety shoes and, preferably, old clothes
  • Catering with a hearty warm lunch, coffee and cake as well as drinks are always included in my courses
  • What doesn’t work with me: Rambo knives, or hidden knives or fist knives. And no copies of other artists!
    It would take at least 1 day to forge the raw material, and in the end you might end up with a knife with flaws because the
    you only see at the end, and the result of the course would be gone! I personally refuse to work with finished blanks.

    Why high-quality mono steels or historical steels:
    If you choose historical steel Eg. from WWII tanks you have something energetic in front of you, the quality
    unique. And with the finished knife you can see what you have in front of you, since most of them are archaeological finds. The knives have a unique rustic look
    If you take a mono-steel specially made for knives, ZB. Tungsten steel gives you a knife where you know exactly what the steel is made of.
    With both steels, knives have never been used in any of my courses, always a good choice!

So now you know!

In the category “Why only with Blecherner Alex” can you read why you are exactly right with me,
when it comes to learning to forge knives.


Make sure you have an unforgettable day

My course is of course ideally suited as a unique gift for family or best friends!

You can even get one from me if you wish exclusive, self-made voucher that makes your gift even better.


Just write to me and let’s chat about it!

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The cutler’s course in sheet metal learning Alex

The spiritual path to your own knife

The knife courses are aimed at everyone who appreciates a well-crafted and hand-made knife. Whether nature boy or woman, boy scouts, bush craftsmen, cooks, etc. – you are all welcome here!


It is most beautiful when you come to me very openly and without prejudice, so something wonderful can arise. Don’t worry too much what the knife should look like on the millimeter! Often it happens during the material selection that you have your dream knife in front of your eyes. And if you trust me and forge ahead with me, it will be fine!

Get up with me spiritual way on the way to your unique knife . You will like it!

Who can claim to have forged a knife before …

All blades are hand forged into shape by yourself with my help. The cutting edge is forged to approx. 1mm, then hardened and tempered. I try to grind as little as possible. My blades have a rustic look! Only the cutting edge is polished smooth.

Escape from everyday life and do something useful ! Something for eternity that you made yourself with my help. With materials that were treated with honor and not carelessly obtained from somewhere. As a gift or simply for yourself!

With my help you forge your own unique, artistic knife. You go home with a complete, ready-to-use knife!

Very rare and exquisite materials

In this cutlery seminar, the blade is made from a wide variety of mono steels, with the exquisite handle materials made of bone, wood or antler that I’ve gathered over the years.

Vegetable tanned leather from the region (I also have local sturgeon leather from breeding in my range), tanned with willow and chestnut.

You don’t just forge a knife You will also learn a lot about materials and their extraction or processing and About my idea of honoring them and being in harmony with nature. This is the focus of my work!

One day to the knife

In Germany’s most unique blacksmith course, you can learn the art of blacksmithing on chef’s knives, outdoor knives or even axes, not just in one day.

In my knife factory I also make rare jewelry, such as bracelets. Just ask me – You can do that for me on request !

Get to know Blecherner Alex

They have all been there and come home with their own knife!