That’s why you should stay with Blecherner Alex

You have probably already seen that there are many people who offer
Knifemaking courses
and others offer.
Here I would like to explain to you why it makes absolutely sense to make his desire knife, piece of jewelry or blacksmithing course with me and with me.


Everything that leaves my workshop is, always an absolutely handmade unique.
You forge your knife completely by hand, make your handle and if necessary still sew by hand your leather sheath exactly adapted to the knife. Of course, all my sales knives or your desired knives are also made in this way.
I do not work with prefabricated blade blanks, with me is really hand forged into shape and not ground into shape.

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Here’s how it works:

First, determine the shape of the blade, which should have the knife.
Then a rectangle is cut out. Here you need a good feeling to estimate the final length and width of the knife.
First the tang is forged out by hand, then the desired tip and in the last step the cutting edge is forged out to approx. 1mm.

And before all this happens in the course you first forge a blade blank from mild steel, so you see what awaits you and I see where your skills lie!
Only then does it go to your“real” blade.
When this is finished forging, the prepared handle of wood, antler, bone, etc. is burned on, so that the fit already roughly.

Now the knife is hardened and tempered for about 1.5 hours. Now it’s time for lunch!


After eating, the handle is firmly and permanently connected to the blade and sharpened. When this is done, the handle is treated with shellac and greased.
Now we make a template from cardboard for the leather sheath. This is then transferred to the leather and you then sew your leather sheath by hand. When you’re done, water is used to shape the knife so that it sits firmly in the sheath.

Finally, the cutting edge is ground to shape and the back of the blade is polished. The knives have a handmade look and this is intentional. Handmade should be different from all the slick rest!


I hope you recognize the effort behind it and realize that it is something very special, what I do here. Therefore I offer the
also only in real small groups of 2 persons in the day course and from 3 to maximum 4 persons in the two-day course.


Summarized in a few points, what clearly distinguishes the Tin Alex from the rest:

I as a person am a person with rough edges, but always authentic and honest in the matter. I try to bring across that one has an inner attitude to which one also stands firmly. I am not one who says a knife has to look like this or different – I leave you your space I just show you the possibilities that exist. It’s about materials, their origin and the honorable use of them.

I can tell you the exact origin of each of my Materials the exact origin – without exceptions.
Whether that’s historic steel, different woods, glacial materials, and so on. I know where from and do not obtain somewhere as cheap as possible on the Internet. I also like to pay more, but then I know where it comes from. Here I stand firmly on the ground and it is my inner attitude to do it this way.

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My workshop leaves only what I can make myself with my hands work!!!
No decorative fittings, etc. from the Far East or anywhere else. Not because I have anything against these countries and people, that is absolute nonsense. I do this because I am a proud craftsman and believe that we should think regionally.

AND!!! The people who make these things often get a pittance, while the middleman earns a golden nose. That’s what I call personal attitude and that you make yourself straight for something in life! My courses are very familiar and authentic we also have time for personal conversations. I do not finish you, but the course ends when your knife or jewelry is ready!



Very gladly I process
historical steels of the two world wars
but I also offer conventional high quality steels if someone does not want historical steel.
I do this because I also see myself as an enlightener. I know this very well, because I have been involved with it since my earliest youth.

But not because I am a glorifier of those times, but on the contrary. I would like to separate myself here absolutely quite clearly from the eternally yesterday with all their wild and crude theories. I am an open-minded person for whom all people are equal regardless of skin color religion , attitude, etc.!

I work against forgetting:

I believe that through my work – whether purchased or made myself in one of my classes – conversations can happen. And so then conversations can arise and already man or woman has again a part of our history in the back of their mind.
Even in the most difficult times of war, there were always people who continued, there was also celebration and also procreation, and there was endless suffering and atrocities. There were all the sides that people have in them. And not just in black and white, like in the old movies, but in color. The sun has shone, the flowers have bloomed. It snowed and rained, but time always progressed. It had to go on and on.

And that is why I process the historical steels – It should not be forgotten but we should still all have our fun in life!

I am the second generation after WW2, both parents were born after the war. The grandfathers were all participants in the war.

I am not a perpetrator and bear no guilt for what happened, but I still have a responsibility to ensure that something like this never happens again.

I hope I was able to convey in a personal and open way why it makes sense for you to forge your knife or piece of jewelry at Blechernen Alex or to purchase or commission a finished knife. I am looking forward to Contact with you out there

I am the tin Alex and am mighty proud of it!!!

Here you can learn everything about me as a person!!!

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