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My courses are aimed at special people, they are held in the day course with 2 people, from 3 people this is only possible in two days, the maximum number of participants is 4 people! This is the only way to ensure that I have the appropriate time for each participant. I want to stand out! Go on a spiritual journey with me to your dream knife, I look forward to seeing you !!!
I do not make damask knives, my focus is on historical and special and rare steels, and on hard manual labor! I support every participant as they need it, and a cucumber has not yet left the workshop.
Trust me and something wonderful will come about !!!

The courses are aimed at everyone who appreciates a handcrafted knife. Whether nature boy or woman, boy scouts, bush craftsmen, cooks, etc. You are all welcome here! It is most beautiful when you come to me openly, so something wonderful can arise. Don’t worry too much about how the knife should look exactly to the millimeter! Often it happens during the material selection that you have your dream knife in front of your eyes, and then trust me and it will be good!

Come with me in a spiritual way on the way to your unique knife, you will like it!

My knives are like me, archaic, raw and rough around the edges, but perfect for the purpose for which they were made!

Whether for hunting, cooking, carving, hiking, barbecuing, chopping wood or whatever.

Because I only work with a maximum of 2 people in the day course and a maximum of 3 people in the 2-day course, I have it for each individual
the time required. This is very important to me. My courses are very small and very personal!

The focus of my work is not in hours of polishing the blade, but in the interplay of the various organic materials, it is important to me that the wholeness of my work comes across. You will learn a lot about the different materials such as: bones and their treatment, wood, fossil materials and their stabilization and the most varied of steels, from the hoof rasp, ball bearings, etc. to the gun barrel from the two world wars to the present day Messer has created a work of art that he cannot get everywhere.

Made 100% by hand, from the blade to the handle to the hand-sewn leather sheath.
Your own knife is created without air hammer and co, through your muscle strength and your skill,
in which all your energy and strength is. A piece of you lives in this knife, it is with your own knife
become a part of you. A knife with rough edges, like we all are, just not perfect.
With character and a charisma that is unique!

No master has fallen from the sky yet. Together we will design your unique knife, which can also be done in one or two days
can be manufactured. The focus of my courses aims at the interaction of the most diverse organic materials with one another.
Most of the course participants so far have always had concerns about whether they would be able to do this in time, but with my experience and your trust in me something wonderful will come about and it will enrich your life.

I will help you to get your very own and very special one-of-a-kind trade fair that fits 100% for the purpose for which it was built!
An honest knife made by hand the old way. With mainly regional materials treated with honor.
This is what defines my work; Working close to nature, spirituality, throwing away as little as possible and honesty !!!

I’m looking forward to you, der Blecherne Alex

Let’s briefly summarize:
No blade blanks that are ground into shape on the belt sander! Your blades are forged into shape by hand, the cutting edge
is forged to approx. 1mm. The blade is hardened and tempered on site.
You choose all the materials at my place, depending on your wishes and the current mood!
Whether wood, bone, horn, etc., you will find the right one for you. You then choose the leather for your leather sheath yourself and sew it
Your leather sheath then by hand.
When it comes to steel, you can choose between a wide variety of mono steels such as
Carbon steels, ball bearing steels, tool steels, hoof rasps and files, chain bolts from the M88 armored recovery vehicle, crawler tractor East, Tiger, armored car IV, T34, cannon barrel from the Leo1 T34 and much more.

You will be fully catered for, there is hearty lunch cooked by my wife herself, coffee and cake and drinks! Food requests will be catered for as long as we know!

The courses always start at 8 a.m. and end when the knives are completely finished.
First we get to know each other first. The handle materials and the blade material are selected, and the knife type is determined. First of all, as an exercise, make a knife blank from a construction steel round, because you can of course keep it and build a simple knife at home!
If you have managed that, then go to the right blade made of your desired steel, then it will really go off and you see that steel is not just steel. Your initials will then also be incorporated into your finished blank. Then the blade is hardened by yourself. Then it has to be tempered so that it becomes tough. During this time we will have lunch together. Then the prepared handle is firmly connected to the blade, and sanded and treated. Then I’ll make the cardboard template for the leather sheaths with you. You will then make these together with my wife and sew them by hand. During this time I will bring your ultra-sharp knives. When the sheaths are ready, they will be watered and fitted exactly to the knives. Then your knives are ready and you have a great experience! In between there is of course coffee and homemade cake.

Your Blecherner Alex


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