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I have made myself a program and I also live it. As far as possible I get my materials from hunters and gatherers. I only buy what I cannot produce myself from specialist retailers. For the most part my materials are regional, but if I process something that is not available here, then I know the origin, without exception!
Take a look at the pictures below because you will learn and see everything !!!

From old tools

Here you will find knives from old tools like: Mounting irons, wrenches, etc. Old tool steel is very good quality and just perfect for knives. These knives are all-rounders for every use. You can also send me your favorite pieces and I make something out of it!
Generally, all knives are provided with a hamon, so it is guaranteed that only the cutting edge is very hard and the back remains soft.
All knives that are pictured, you can also buy!

Cannons and gun barrels

Gun barrel fragments from:

Leopard 1
MG 151 (on-board gun of a German fighter bomber).
MG 42
Pak 40
Flak 2 and 3.7
Anti-tank guns PAK

The steels are extremely resistant and ideal for knife blades and jewelry.

Against the horror of forgetting what once emerged from it !!!

Chain pin steel

Absolutely unique items and rarities!
Blades from a chain pin from an M 88 armored recovery vehicle. The composition is unknown to me!
And chain pins from the Soviet T34 battle tank from WWII:
But these are the toughest knives I make !!
Extremely resistant and tough like Russian leather, unbelievable what this steel can withstand.
For everyone who loves something special and doesn’t accept compromises in quality!
Not rustproof !!!

Ice Age Bones, Hides, Leather & Bones

You can get handle materials from me from the following materials:
Foot bones of: red deer, roe deer, chamois, camel
Other bones from: badger, fox, pig, beef, etc.
All bones come from animals from my immediate region (except camels).
Drop sticks from the Allgäu red deer. The skins are from the forests around Huttenwang (where I live) or from well-known hunters from the direct Alpine region. It couldn’t be more regional !!!
I get the skins from well-known hunters who shot the animals themselves and would otherwise throw them away.
However, I am of the opinion that everything from the animal must be used, just as our ancestors did.
When I get the skins, I salt or dry them so that I can store them. When enough has accumulated I will drive you to one
alpine tannery, where they are traditionally tanned. I purchase complete animals or their runs from Allgäu hunters. It is then very important to me that everything is used by the animal. In todays
Society is very important, in my opinion!
The pelts that are produced are salted in. When enough have come together, I drive them to an Alpine tannery, where they are traditionally tanned.
Bones and skins of red deer, chamois, roe deer, badger and much more. accumulate and can be processed!
The animals are not bred (except sheep), but remain in the wild until they are shot, which is very important!
I am sure you will understand that I cannot and do not want to cut out the skins at discount prices. Quality has its price!
Avarice is cool, I think it’s shit and not honorable.
I always have different skins to choose from (e.g. deer skin, sheepskin, etc.). Just ask me.

Brand new!
Bones and antlers stabilized by myself from:
Giant deer
Horse and much more.
Age about 30,000 years !!!


Native woods:
Bog oak, cherry, walnut, apple, service tree, vinegar tree, wig bush, Pfaffenhut, plum, pear, yew, oak,
Robinia, ash, maple, laburnum, juniper and much more.
Woods from Tuscany and Liguria (these come from friends who live there):
Olive, acacia, fig, tangerine, peach, lemon.
All woods are not artificially stabilized, there can be cracks and inclusions! This is not a quality defect, it is nature!


Mono steels from specialist retailers:
Different carbon steels like: 1.2235, 1.1274, 1.2080, 1.2519, 1.2842, 1.2379, 1.2067, 1.2003, 1.1235
As well as armor steel from the chain bolt of the M88 armored recovery vehicle and from the Soviet T 34 battle tank from WWII!
Old tools such as: hoof rasps, files, chisels, tire irons, saw blades and much more.
The blades are forged from round or flat materials and are not ground into shape!

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