Knife restoration and repair

I repair and restore your knife blades and knife handles

Knife repair and knife restoration at Blechernen Alex

blecherner alex repairs a glowing knife on anvil

I can do the following for you

  • I fix Your knives, axes, hatchets, handles or handle scales or leather sheaths
  • I restore old, damaged or worn blades or leather sheaths
  • I try to restore the original condition as far as possible
  • After repair or restoration I will also grind and polish Of course I take care of the object and then maintain it, using self-made care products
  • I also restore your old sabers, knives and bayonets as well as archaeological finds – this requires very rare material

Why is knife repair worthwhile and what am I doing better than others?

Your unique knives are full of stories

In contrast to a cheap kitchen knife, the restoration of your expensive one-offs or special, historical knives (e.g. heirlooms) is worthwhile. This is how you preserve the story associated with it.

Restoration with special & historical materials

Only what I can make with my own hands is used for knife construction and repair. No purchased parts from the Far East etc. Everything “Made in the Allgäu”. So I also use up on 30,000 year old (pre) historical materials. I look forward to restoring your old knives and tools to their original condition.

As a blacksmith, I know what's important

I restore or repair everything from the blade to the handle to the leather sheath. Since I do all of this daily and with my own hands, I know exactly how these things are fixed with high quality.

This is what a restoration can look like:

Modification of a rusted bayonet

from old to new
rusted bayonet drawing
knife restoration
knife glowing in forge
alex restores knife anvil
rusted bayonet oiled 1
completely restored knife
completely restored bayonet with leather sheath

Non-binding inquiries - restoration / repair

So that I can restore or repair your knives, leather sheaths etc., I have to find out exactly what you have in mind. We also need to clarify which materials should be used in this process.

Do you want to make a good friend or family member happy by restoring or repairing a treasure?

No problem – just give away a gift voucher for my shop and the person receiving the present can choose what they want – including knives, jewelry or blacksmithing courses.

With me you can get on request any gift certificate.


Otherwise – just write to me and let’s chat about it!

Talk to me right away

0162 – 98 55 002

Write to me!

ballistol care knife

The knife maintenance after sharpening

Each of my knives is thoroughly polished after being sharpened. Then the blade is cared for. I use that for this Universal oil from Ballistol , that preserves the blade super. Ballistol comes from Bavaria and fits in perfectly with my vision and company philosophy of using products from the region.

I use these materials for forging, repairing and restoring

Depending on whether you forge an outdoor knife or a kitchen knife, the following types of steel are available:

Steel choice for outdoor knives:

Carbon steel, old tools, hoof rasps, leaf springs, gun barrels from WWII, shrapnel from both world wars and much more.

kitchenknife :

high quality carbon steels.

There are some valuable and rare handle materials available for your self-forged knives.

Knife handles made of wood:

Robinia, oak, plum, bog oak, service tree, Pfaffenhut, olive, walnut and much more.

Knife handle made of bone from:

Red deer, chamois, goat, camel, red deer antlers

Knife handles made of ice age bones stabilized by me from:

Mammoth, giant deer, noble deer, bison, horse and mammoth ivory.
This material is around 30,000 years old!

In my course we sew together a cut-resistant leather sheath for your self-made blade.

You can choose from the following types of leather:

Buffalo leather, cow leather and sturgeon leather

[! ] Important information about repair and restoration

  • I can not only restore / repair knives, but also axes, hatchets, leather sheaths, tools and much more. – just ask!
  • Since I do not know in which initial condition your knives etc. are, I cannot give any real guarantee on the restoration or repair. Each piece is unique and is treated that way!
  • A personal consultation with me is absolutely necessary. After all, you have an exact idea of what it should look like in the end.

So now you know!

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Do you have questions about repairs or restoration?

Then ask me quickly via WhatsApp! Just click on the number!


+49 (0) 162 9855 002

I buy your wood, steel, bones …


  • I buy (rare) objects or material
  • Purchase of all kinds of good woods
  • (Historic) steels
  • (Ice Age) bones and throwing poles
  • Odd, rare, attic finds

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    That is not all!

    I don’t just restore knife , Hatchets, axes, leather sheaths and co.

    I also forge these myself and offer Courses in cutlery at. Take a look at everything!


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