Your dream knife

I forge a knife according to your ideas – you choose the materials!

Your own knife as a hand-forged custom-made product

knife according to individual requirements

A knife made to measure

  • Have a knife made as you have always dreamed of
  • Choose from countless materials for the handle(Wood, bone or rare fossil material)
  • Choose yours blade(Carbon steel or armor steel)
  • You get a free leather sheath and, if you wish, your initials engraved in the knife

Here I explain how you can get your own knife

Tell me about your ideal knife

drawing of your dream knife

We plan your knife down to the last detail. A drawing will be helpful!

Choose your material


Choose from different animal bones, such as mammoth, bison or red deer antlers


For your grip you have the choice between exclusive wood such as olive, eccentric hat, bog rich, plum and much more.

Armor and weapon steels

Choose from a variety of real armor steel or steel from historical weapons. This steel is very rare and special.

Monosteel / carbon

Shiny, smooth, industrially manufactured. With this steel I forge a flawless blade.

Why should you have a knife forged?

100% Made in the Allgäu - by hand

I put 100% of my dedication and experience into each of my knives. Each knife is forged by hand using its own materials

It is a great gift

A knife is an incredibly individual gift. This makes every knife lover happy – there is only one unique specimen in the world

Individual consultation and planning

We plan your knife together step by step – I take my time for your personal knife dream

These materials are available for your custom-made product
(Surcharge depending on the material)

Steel choice for outdoor knives:

high quality carbon steels (1.2519, 1.2003, 1.2235,1.2210, 1.1274, C100)

old tools, hoof rasps, leaf springs, gun barrels from World War II, shrapnel from both world wars and much more.

Curb chain bolts from:

T34, TIGER, PANZERKAMPFWAGEN 1-3, PANZERHAUBITZE HUMMEL, caterpillar tractor East, depending on stock.

Gun barrels :

Leopard 1, T34, flak


Choice of steel for kitchen knives and kitchen hatchets:

high quality carbon steels (1.2519, 1.2003, 1.2235,1.2210, 1.1274, C100)

There are some valuable and rare handle materials available for the self-forged knives.

Knife handles made of wood:

Flamed maple, sycamore maple, bog oak, oak, elm, pear, service tree, purse hat, plum, plum, apple, cherry, wig bush, blood plum, acacia, robinia, ash, beech, olive, fig, mandarine, vinegar tree, box tree.

Knife handle made of bone from:

Red deer, chamois, goat, camel, red deer antlers

Knife handles made of ice age bones stabilized by me from:

Mammoth, giant deer, noble deer, bison, horse and mammoth ivory.
This material is around 30,000 years old!

I will sew you an individual leather sheath for the knife.

You can choose from the following types of leather:

Cowhide *

We are happy to talk about the color of your choice for your knife leather sheath.

* 4mm cow leather vegetable tanned

[! ] Important information about my custom-made knives

  • I don’t have any finished blade blanks – everything is forged myself
  • Particularly valuable and fossil materials cost an extra charge
  • The knife cannot be returned
  • The delivery time is approx. 4 weeks

Making a “Saufänger” (booze catcher)

You want to have a knife just the way you want it? You configure your own knife and order it. I will then
personally with you and together we will determine the design and the materials to be used.
materials to be used.
So you get a unique knife, which is built only for you and is guaranteed not to exist a second time.
Refine by

Secure your unique knife

My knives are ideal as a unique gift for family, best friends or just for yourself!

Are you unsure and have questions? Have you already prepared a drawing of your idea?


Just write to me and let’s chat about it!

Talk to me right away

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Order your personal dream knife

Together we create a unique knife

You already know exactly how Your personal dream knife should look like? You can already imagine how you use it for cutting in the kitchen? Perfect – then read on now.

Decide on the shape, material and length

We’ll discuss what material yours are made of Knife blade should arise. Then we put the material of the Knife handle firmly. Then we lay shape , Blade length and handle length fixed.

Create unprecedented knife creations!

Leather sheath and initial in the knife included

For each knife I give a matching one, color-coordinated with the one Leather sheath free of charge to. If you wish, I can also hammer them Initial of your choice into the knife – also for free!

Make your knife dream come true

Planning, forging, hammering, hardening, burning, grinding … Getting to the knife is not easy, but you don’t have to worry about that. Just tell me your wishes and we can start!

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