My guarantee

Warranty and handling of knives

A knife is a tool that should always be used for the purpose for which it was made – cutting! This is the only way to guarantee that you will have fun with it, not every steel is suitable for everything.
A hunter should use a knife that is not quite as hard, but flexible.
A cook, on the other hand, should use a steel that is very hard and sharp, only with a cleaver he should rely on something flexible.
The ranger, on the other hand, takes something more robust from the cross-section of heavy-duty steel.

All of my knives are not rustproof. Please never put a knife wet in a leather sheath. Dry after use, if the blade is not used for a long time, oil the blade a little with non-resinifying oil. And the most important rule: never put a knife in the dishwasher!

Should there be rust on the blade, you can easily remove it with Scotchbrite.
When cutting acidic food, the blade becomes dark due to the carbon it contains, this is a quality feature and not a defect.
The clippings must always be cut on a wooden or plastic base.

Sharp killers are:

Porcelain, stainless steel, styrofoam, foil, stone.
For knives with a blade length of more than 12 cm, we require proof of age,
in the form of a Postident procedure. Kitchen knives are excluded here.

If you choose one of my knives, you will receive a very solid one-of-a-kind that is guaranteed not to exist a second time.

I put one on all of my knives Guarantee of repair, provided the damage is not due to incorrect handling. There is no money back.

These include:
No maintenance of the blade, dishwasher, levers on objects (except made for this), throwing on wood or objects (except made for this), unprofessional regrinding. The prerequisite for mending is to send me the knife in the faulty condition not prepaid! As soon as a hand is put on myself, I do not accept any guarantee! But in such a case I will of course make a fair offer for the repair!
Free repairs for clear errors on my part for up to 12 months!
Loosening of handles, cracks in the blade that were not caused by force, opening of seams on leather sheaths.

Custom-made products

I would be happy to make individual productions according to your ideas by arrangement.

You are also welcome to send me an old chisel or a file from grandpa and I’ll make something nice out of it!
Of course you can also contribute with your own energy !!

Products created according to customer requirements cannot be returned / exchanged.

Return of skins, jewelry

Furs cannot be returned.

Jewelry created according to customer requirements cannot be returned or exchanged.

Chain pendants can be returned within 14 days at your own expense. Bracelets and rings can be adjusted with a little skill in a small area, instructions are included. The dimensions are given for each picture.

Return of animal materials, decorative items

Animal materials such as:
Dropping poles, bones, skins, leather, claws, etc. cannot be returned.

Decorative items such as:
Candlesticks, birds, reptiles, etc. can be returned undamaged within 14 days at your own expense.


Courses and gift certificates

Courses and gift vouchers cannot be exchanged or returned.

Make sure you have an unforgettable day

My course is of course ideally suited as a unique gift for family or best friends!

You can even get one from me if you wish exclusive, self-made voucher that makes your gift even better.


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