Purchase of forging materials

I buy your treasures – woods, bones, steels, knives, curiosities, rare items

Sell me your rare materials

alex shows different material

What you can offer me

  • Woods and bushes from your own garden or your own forest
  • German ice age bones (from private collection)
  • Drop poles from Germany, preferred by hunters
  • Old bones, water finds
  • Historic steels in good condition
  • Curiosities, heirlooms

What do I do with it? Of course I forge great blades or jewelry from them or make handles.

Why should you sell your treasures to me?

The history of the material is preserved

I make something meaningful and new out of your materials. The story lives on in a new object – be it a knife, a piece of jewelry or other beautiful ideas.

Your objects are valued by me

You can hardly part with your historical and historic object? You leave it in good hands with me. I know what kind of mental value there is.

I know what to do with almost everything

I restore or repair everything from the blade, the handle, the leather sheath to forged pieces of jewelry. For this I need extraordinary materials. Of course I can do the same for you special wishes fulfill.

I buy these materials from you – some examples

Various Shrubs / woods



Various Shrubs / woods


Traubenkirche, bay tree, wild willow, bird cherry, hawthorn, rowan tree, sea buckthorn, juniper, service tree, plum, whitebeam, sloe / blackthorn, yew tree, arachnid / service tree, dogwood, boxwood,
Honeysuckle, dog rose, buckthorn, lilac, laburnum, evergreen snowball, barberry, black elder and much more …

Info: Please only offer woods and shrubs from Germany, and exclusively from private individuals or from horticulturalists. Wood either dry or cut in winter and at least 3cm in diameter!

Chain pin Panzer WWII

Anti-tank gun fragment

(Historic) steels

I buy (historical) steels in good condition, including soil and water finds:
Chain bolts from tanks, shrapnel and bomb fragments from collections, bayonets and old knives for restoration, old carriage springs, old tools like hoof rasps, agricultural tools and much more!

Ice age bones of various animals

Ice Age Bones

(Ice Age) bones

Old bones:
From whales etc., but mandatory before the agreement or with proof! Water finds.

Ice Age Bones:
Giant deer, red deer, bison, mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, etc.
Only from Germany and from private!


Game droppings

Drop bars

Drop bars:
Red deer, fallow deer.
As well as Gamskrükerl. Preferred by hunters. Only goods from Germany.

Sailor head mask / skull

Animal head

Wooden mask, also traditional

Wood from wreckage



Old souvenirs from sailors, soldiers or globetrotters in general. Old things from pubs. Heirlooms that you are not allowed to put on your wives or husbands, laugh.

Please do not offer everyday stuff that you can get on every corner and no junk. Please only offer legal items!

You think you have something that might interest me? Then feel free to get in touch – and just send me your pictures with a short text message with information about the property.

Offer without obligation - sell me your material

I can really use a lot. Wood, steel, bones, old knives and axes, antique, curiosities … Just send me a picture and make me a price proposal!


However, I ask you to spare me as much as possible with scrap, goods from abroad, etc.

Otherwise – just write to me and let’s chat about it!

Talk to me right away

0162 – 98 55 002

Just send me pictures of your objects!

    A little inspiration: I’ll show you around my camp

    You are not sure whether your material is suitable for me? No problem, get a few impressions in the video and see what I need for my work every day.

    Otherwise: Better to offer too much than too little – I’m looking forward to it!

    [! ] Important information about purchasing materials

    • Please do not offer everyday stuff that you can get on every corner
    • Please do not offer scrap
    • I am pleased that the pieces are as good as possible

    So now you know!

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    Would you like to offer me something for sale directly?

    Then ask me quickly via WhatsApp! Just click on the number!


    +49 (0) 162 9855 002

    That is not all!

    I don’t just restore knife , Hatchets, axes, leather sheaths and co. with valuable materials.

    I also forge these myself and offer courses in knife forging. Take a look at everything!


    Have a look on social media

    Here I not only report on my courses, but also offer my latest knives and jewelry for sale.