The way to the knife

This is how my knives are made

Here you can see how I made a knife out of one 2 cm flak barrel from WWII forge.

The pictures show the complete creation of an outdoor knife from a fragment of a 2 cm flak barrel from WWII.

With a handle made of Ligurian olive with German bog oak and blood plum. The leather sheath is also made by hand from black cowhide leather.

You can also get a little here Video watch how the blade is forged into shape by hand! On the website materials you can see what material I forge knives and jewelry with.

The knife is an example for you, of course you can buy all types of knives from me or make them yourself in one of my courses!

In the video: I forge a blade from the steel of a flak barrel from WWII

The way to the knife – complete forging process of an outdoor knife