2-day knifemaking course for 4 people for one outdoor knife, kitchen knife or kitchen cleaver each.

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Voucher for a two-day knifemaking course for 4 people | outdoor knife, kitchen knife or kitchen cleaver

PS: Please note that due to Corona the waiting time is several months. The courses do not expire, but are simply rescheduled if necessary!

You buy the course, no date this must be made after receipt of the good glass by telephone or by Whatsapp or mail with me! Please allow a few months for waiting!!!

From 18 years!

The facts about the forging course:
Knife forging course for four people over a 2 day course for an outdoor knife, kitchen knife or kitchen cleaver. We forge a blade from mono steel up to a length of 12 cm with a plug. Handle made of wood, bone or antler. Leather sheath made of cowhide. Included are food and all common materials*.

The course always starts at 8 am and ends on the second day when the complete knife is ready! Please bring old clothes.

You will make your complete knife by hand, I do not have any ready-made blanks. You will forge your blade by hand and harden it, then it will be tempered. During this time you will have a delicious hot lunch. Afterwards you glue together the handle of the knife you have made. The first day ends here.
On the second day you sharpen your knife handles, then you make your leather sheath completely by hand with the help of my wife. During this time I sharpen your knives to an ultra sharp edge.

You go home with a completely finished knife!

*Surcharge will be applied for: Armour and gun barrels, ice age bones. This can be paid on site.

I can recommend a hotel, but accommodation is not included in the course.

It would take at least 1 day to forge the raw material, and at the end you might have a knife with flaws, because you only see them at the end.
the end, and the result of the course would be ruined! I personally refuse to work with finished blanks.

Why use high-quality mono steels or historical steels:
If you choose historical steel, e.g. from tanks of the Second World War, you have something energetic in front of you, of unique quality.
unique. And you can see in the finished knife what you have in front of you, as it is usually found in the ground. The knives have a unique rustic
rustic look.
If you take a mono steel specially made for knives, for example tungsten steel, you get a knife where you know exactly what the ingredients of the steel are.
With both steels there have never been quality problems in any of my courses, they are always a good choice!!!!

Scope of delivery:

4x good glass with business card, drawn voucher or voucher by email (Select when ordering).
Knife type Kitchen knife, Kitchen cleaver, Outdoor knife
Material blade mono steel with plug
Material handle conventional handle materials
Knife length with handle and blade variable
Blade length up to 25 cmkitchen, outdoor 12 cm
Return policy
by arrangement
Information about the dispatch of the vouchers:

Gutgläser and drawn vouchers are dispatched after receipt of payment (2-3 working days). Digital vouchers will be personally emailed by me after payment has been received.

Certain knives may not be carried everywhere, so please note the information on carrying knives.
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