Great skin from Soay sheep from the Allgäu region, vegetable tanned.

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Great fluffy fur from Soay sheep from the Allgäu. I was present at the slaughter and personally made the process from preservation to tanning. It was tanned in the traditional way in the Lechtal.

This has its price because I do all this with a lot of heart and passion and it strives again to sell me the discounter-like at knockdown prices!
Please note that if you can buy sheepskins for 35€ somewhere, it is certainly not from our region, because the tanning price alone is much higher here, not including everything else like preserving and driving back and forth!
The skins you buy from me are 100% personally accompanied by me through the whole process, and that has its honourable price and a completely different energy.
Size: 80x50cm

Not washable, if something should have gone wrong just let the fur dry outside overnight in a safe place and then simply brush it out. The fur is then top again!
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